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“Ashley has an amazing gift! I approached her for a reading after my Mom passed away and she was so accurate and helped me with acceptance just knowing my parents are there with me. I have reached out to Ashley on different occasions since then for readings and she is always bang on!

You can tell Ashley is passionate about what she does, she is caring and has touched my life in so many different ways. Her Friday card readings are the best, I look forward to them every week!

I highly recommend Ashley”

Donna W.

“My family has been dealing with Ashley for over a year now and have been very impressed with what we have heard. Through the Friday/Thursday open cards to private sessions on several occasions she has surprised us with the things she knows that she should have no idea about.
We started on her Facebook page shortly after our son passed away and have done several private readings and have received answers to questions that have helped us in dealing with our loss. I have sent several people to see her and they were very satisfied with their meeting with her.  ”

Al S.


I have known Ashley for well over a year now, when I met Ashley I was going through some very traumatic circumstances in my life. Since that time through her angel card and mediumship readings she has brought me so much clarity and peace of mind.

She is kind considerate and extremely knowledgeable of her field of expertise. She has been a true blessing in my life, and I highly recommend Ashley for anyone looking for clarity in their lives regardless of their circumstances"

Dean G.

Hi Ashley, I wanted to reach out and let you know I loved our cord cutting session together !!! I love your energy and really enjoy being around you!!

I didn’t feel anything right away… however today I’m feeling it and I’m reflecting back at all the changes since seeing you and relating it back to that cord cutting !!! So thank you

I’m feeling bad ass, I’m feeling like I deserve only the best, I’m feeling strong and I’m not letting anyones BS effect me and my path ahead look forward to seeing you again sometime soon!!

Ashley is a strong spiritual reiki healer; she has helped my family and myself through out our journeys for a couple of years now! I love the fact that Ashley is quick to reply, books our sessions at a convenient time and at the comfort of my own home! I put my incense, my music, my crystals and away we go from a distance! Ashley always writes back such powerful messages from my spirit guides, aura colours, spirit animal and after the session I feel rejuvenated and with a clear mind. Ashley’s is incredibly powerful healer from a distant, I highly recommend her with all my love

For more testimonials please visit my Facebook page linked below

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