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Terms of Service

You are voluntary participating in your Reading/ Reiki/ Shamanic Healing on your own accord. If you are booking for another individual, they are aware of their session and are a willing participant.

You understand that an intuitive Reading, Reiki Healing or Shamanic sessions is not a substitute for professional medical and mental health. I urge you to be your own advocate in life and medical decisions.

That I, or any Intuitive cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, you have free will of your life and you are constantly changing your mind and making new choices/decisions. You oversee your own life and healing.

When coming into a session please be open. If you come into a session determined not to say anything and with a closed, skeptical mindset, it will hinder your energy. A closed mind is the energetic equivalent of a locked door. It’s a waste of time and money to approach a session this way. Your willingness to be honest and participate, will ensure your session is a fun/healing experience.

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